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What is the creative act?
Right now many forces are trying to deny any distinction between the commercial and the creative. The more that we deny this distinction, the more we consider ourselves clever, understanding, and “in the know.” In fact, we are only betraying one of the demands of capitalism: rapid turnover.
When advertisers explain that advertisements are the poetry of the modern world, they shamelessly forget that no real art tries to create or exhibit a product in order to correspond to the public’s expectations.
Advertising can shock or try to shock because it responds to an alleged expectation.
The opposite of this is art produced from the unexpected, the unrecognized, the unrecognizable. There is no commercial art: that’s nonsense. There are popular arts, of course. There are also art forms that require some amount of financial investment; there is a commerce of art, but no commercial art.

Gilles Deleuze

a soul
Rough, independent,
Dal Fabbro Azienda Agricola.
It’s a young project born 20 years ago with the aim of ​​bringing together the conservation and the development of this region through the wine-making tradition inherited from our family. Our purpose is to create a high-quality product while maintaining our identity of small independent producers with no yuppie attitudes.

The Dal Fabbro’s vineyards are all spread within the village of Valdobbiadene, in the hamlet of San Pietro Di Barbozza. Among these, the historical vineyards that surround the winery.

The factory manager is personally responsible for taking care of the vineyards from which we harvest our grapes and follows every stage of the production chain, from cultivation to the bottling of wine.

in some ways the winery reflects his soul: rough, independent, genuine.